Qihoo 360 to buy a set of message domain name won the letter series

It is reported,

news August 22nd, Qihoo 360 has been low-key acquired "message" Pinyin domain name kouxin.com, the domain name information has been changed to the Qihoo 360 name, the domain name has not been enabled, the "message" of mobile phone products. Cited concern.


map: domain name information

after the Tencent "WeChat" products, "the letter" domain name become the object of concern, Kouxin is Chinese characters message, kouxin.com domain name domain name has been registered in March 2006, the board of directors of the company under the name of Cao Shu in 360, the domain name in the name China platform, in addition, the company also holds 360 protection sources, kouxin.cn/.com.cn/.net domain, kouxin.net/.cn domain name is Qihoo 360 over the same period the acquisition proceeds, while kouxin.com.cn is registered.


figure: ‘message’ screenshot


message is verbal message, a message, the communication links between the strong point of the kouxin.com domain name as the communications industry on the application of high, anecdotal domain name trading price of six digits, but the news has not been Qihoo 360 to respond, but from the kouxin.com domain name commercial value, domain name trading price of money.

"message" of the mobile phone products screenshot, screenshot shows the product is based on the Android platform, the product is "something" leave a message "Er" slogan, industry speculation or 360 the company will launch a product called "message" mobile phone instant messaging tools.