The site should also learn soliciting people

a website in order to be recognized by the Internet users must first have a good face is the so-called appearance, appearance is like a person’s clothes, is the first impression to others. To leave a good impression, then he looked at or re visit the possibility of greater. Why is it that a lot of people go for a beautiful girl?. Look at Baidu, what you are not home, an input box and several options, but why he is Chinese overlord, because of his content, search engine, most users want to find what are the first to use Baidu Search "". However, the website also advocates the truth, the good and the beautiful, the pursuit of form, talk about technology, but there is no actual content, what do you use to retain visitors? This is all about SEO strategy

I was doing the ticket website, these I ratio who all experience very much, back and forth is the ticket information, after the visitors went up, not what the 2 or N PV. After I seriously reflect on it, I think it should be able to add some visitors to keep things ah? But what is it? I am a ticket website, do not do other tickets? Which line ah!

so I chose the "aviation information", brought me a lot of content and PV traffic, is rich in content, let visitors to a certain proportion, so as to bring a certain proportion of PV, and as a tool, I used to use, that is me, is to bring their own return.

I do first search for aviation insurance website, found 4 airlines do the warranty of the website, the content is user needs, to do, to put it on your website customized content as a channel of their own, it will use their original visits increased channel click, to form a good 2 or more times click in the absence of other changes.


principle: my site for example with PV 50 thousand in the custom, these visitors want to buy a ticket, it must have a certain proportion of people need insurance, when these visitors on my website search ticket saw the accident insurance, on my website that he will do the overseas insurance, to look; here are the basic travel booking, what they need is pervasive, see a lot of information, such as hotel reservations, tourist information and so on, they will go to see. My website is also the success of the amount of PV.