Taobao customers third party service providers push off China due to the cancellation of the record

you know twitter China? This is the third party service platform a Taobao customer, because the Ministry for cancellation was forced to close, resulting in two level domain name site twitter China master station and users are unable to access, this also means that Taobao promotion guests had spent countless nights and during closure, will not create a penny. Large quantities of traffic was wasted, who will bear this responsibility?


(push off China because the record was canceled)

said the site for the record, has always been the webmaster pain, a webmaster to achieve record number now is not so easy to go through several checkpoints submitted, not necessarily for success, even the enterprise website would be spared "for the disaster", twitter Chinese encountered this a, for a website cannot be opened normally will be what kind of impact? This is our store is completely different, you can close the shop for a week or a month, when you reopen the business may soon recover, but the network is not the case, everyone all know that 56 nets, 56 nets that year but the video website NO1, Youku and potato no way beyond 56, resulting in 56 Network become three streaming video website, and finally can not continue to survive only by everyone Net acquisition. One of the biggest reasons is that the 56 Network was forced to shut down for several weeks, a substantial loss of users, even if the re open, still can not restore all this.

and all this today is found in the Taobao people, which also gave Taobao customers a revelation, don’t depend on the third party platform, especially the free platform website is the kingly way, their own sites themselves, even cancelled the record number only zirendaomei, of course, if you must on the third party platform, large companies must choose the third party platform, such as Sina, Tencent, their website is not so easy to be closed. But it once happened, is the thunder website a lost record number, but quickly re back, also be the unfortunate. Estimated to go a lot of road.

is the webmaster is not willing to record, just because the filing process, and record inside some of the details of the incomprehensible, logically speaking, the record is the development for the site better, but in fact, some webmaster to record if you can quickly let the dead own website "". For example, there is a certain user site is not filed, and now to go to the record, the record, the site can not be opened. Make a record of at least 20 days, it was smooth, not smooth, such as a month are possible, you know this time for a website what it means, if you do not open such a long time really, then the site search engine will soon clear, even after the right down, even if included, will not have a good ranking, which for a station, it means that over.