Microsoft XP system now retired Chinese hundreds of millions of users face security risks

Beijing, April (Xinhua Zhang Sinan (Duan Hongbiao) Qingming has passed, serving 13 years of Microsoft Windows XP system is also officially retired today". Although after this XP system can continue to use, but Microsoft no longer provide official service support. For Chinese hundreds of millions of XP users, on the one hand, has spent 13 years operating system but also to a reluctant to part, full of worries will face security risks.

has served for 13 years! XP has become immortal legend

for computer users around the world, the blue sky green screen familiar again. Despite the continuous upgrading of Microsoft Windows operating system, but Windows is undoubtedly the longest and most popular version of XP. October 25, 2001, WindowsXP officially released the world, the initial picture of the blue sky green has been accompanied by global users through 13 years.

13 years, enough to let a child who has just come into contact with the computer grew up, and the XP system with a period of 13 years to the end of life. 13 years, XP system to witness the upgrading of personal computers, but also to witness the global popularity of the internet. Statistics show that the current XP system in the global market share is still 38.73%, while the share of Chinese is more than 70%, this calculation, Chinese XP more than 300 million users.

on the network, many users of the XP system expressing recollections. "Willing and unwilling, many things in life is difficult to change, as we can only watch Windows XP’s departure, as we can not afford to retain the blue sky in Beijing." A netizen yesterday in Baidu post bar so record their mood.

for many Internet users, XP system to accompany their youth through the years, and now XP to retire, feel their youth is really no longer". Microsoft Corp also said even emotional: Thank you for your continued love for XP and never abandon. Is always difficult to say goodbye, but a thousand miles must part."

and whether it is out of memory, or custom dictates, I believe that hundreds of millions of users in a very short period of time to say goodbye to XP, there will still be a large number of users choose to use this has become a classic operating system.

why retirement technology behind the high maintenance costs


is so successful operating system to choose retirement? Microsoft official said, the first WindowsXP system has been in service for many years, many technologies have been lagging behind, too old security mechanism is more vulnerable to Trojan virus attacks. And WindowsXP operating environment in many places there is a big loophole, although Microsoft released a patch in a timely manner, but can not effectively suppress the virus attacks.

although Microsoft promised to join the third policy to continue to provide security support for Chinese users, but Microsoft is still on its official website to inform the user >