58, go to the market, people network classification of information War Within Three Kingdoms what is

this is a magical field, you may remember a ganji.com heavily requested Chen Yao made donkey market advertising, at that time was to grab a lot of thunder and the flow of a donkey nets spoof website, and this is just like a donkey nets is another people network information classification Station Network KUSO works.

there is a small story: 58 city and Ganji have paid a lot of money for the Beijing market, have invested a lot of subway advertising, one day on the subway, I first heard Chen Yao said "there are more than ganji.com magical site now, but for a few seconds, Yang Mi started to shout" 58 city… A magical site ". Next, Feng Xiaogang began shouting "the people network, can sell


something you may not know about

I don’t remember is 2010 or earlier a IT array of Longmen, people network founder Wang Jianshuo CEO is the guest speaker, I am in the audience, I asked Wang Jianshuo "do classification information very early that the platform why suddenly disappeared?" at that time, Wang Jianshuo replied that he did not know the network platform the news, because the network platform has been relatively mysterious.

a few days ago, I happened to a Google service, unexpectedly to the platform online, found the platform network also toss about, and just knowing silent, and now the classified information website like this platform there are many. We may close is 58, the fair, three people, and there are a lot of classified information website two or three line camp, do not top three, but also can do, perhaps this is the fair Yang Haoyong said of the classified information market is large enough.

58 is a pair of friends and go to the market, people entrenched in Shanghai relatively quiet, playing the most vicious market in Beijing in 58 and go to the market to throw off his opponent distance as soon as possible, to make their own real boss classification information. Yao Jinbo was born Yang Haoyong is a turtle, wood louse, Wang Jianshuo is the romantic feelings if you encounter a wood louse, major market issues, Yao Jinbo may be the most direct way for the soil to solve the technical background, Hao Yang Chung may wish to think from the technical level of play, Wang Jianshuo may be directly said this is not a problem.

58 is Chen Shaohua Yao Jinbo dug from the market, while Baidu also want to set up a team to do the classified information, go to the market immediately to the person in charge of Baidu project to poach. Team stability of 58 and the people to do good, so many years, and 58 people early entrepreneurial team is still basically in the market, which is extremely strange management mode, high flow rate of the market over the past few years is very high.

different values, different products, different business models

classified information is a replica of Craigslist website, but China after the market competition is very fierce, at the same time, different Internet values led to the classification of the information industry of the two opposite products and business models, although crude >