Who robbed the Baidu Spring Festival biggest red envelope

before the Spring Festival will see a big article " grab red " report. The new year is undoubtedly a very awesome marketing event. Can come up with such a good marketing ideas, not loss is the search engine boss. To search for a red envelope and related keywords have a surprise to attract an unlimited amount of search. It is reported that there have been a lot of awards, so that more users who, echocardiography and action, even if the disappointment is not willing to give up again and again. Compared to lottery 5 million, the zero investment houses, cars, digital products, even some small coupons are more exciting.

from the year thirty to start today, many families began to go all out battle, looking forward to the surprise appearance.

although I use Baidu every day, weekdays, Baidu is much higher than the use of other search engines. However, under the temptation of the so-called red envelopes, a few days ago indeed for Baidu to offer a number of hits. From computer to mobile phone, in addition to the "red house out" and "search too frequent" tips, and regret not winning individual reminders, 90% does have a red envelope, but these virtual red envelopes, but only for some knowledge points, games, or network novels, is undoubtedly to Baidu’s own click make a contribution. So many friends said that the Spring Festival is a new year’s red envelopes, hundreds of thousands of netizens put their hopes in the poor who win.

whether this is not flicker, no matter what activities are always a few happy tears, no matter spend electricity, Internet, is not winning, there is no need to complain. Behind these awards is the activities of their own wonderful planning. So far, the grab red activity is defeat, even coupons laozhe one, all is not worth the stuff, but repeatedly to friends praise this marketing activities. Perhaps it is because in Meikai Youdi instrument network promotion, marketing planning of interest is much higher than similar lottery winning awards activities.

although we couldn’t Baidu competition, not out of the house, the car back to the Meikai Youdi customers and friends, but we will also have their own way to thank all the support of our new and old customers. Here is not for comparison, only for the analysis of thinking, Baidu’s marketing strategy. During the Spring Festival, the red envelope itself is extremely hot keywords, it is hard to burn a. Everyone will be online publicity, online discussion, not online, offline word-of-mouth spread. The users of network marketing advertising can be slightly exaggerated some of the license, "a house and a car!" and "word-of-mouth, hundred percent winning" dissemination of public opinion, let Baidu this festive fight is more beautiful. In the joy of a few people, most of the complaints, Baidu has become the biggest winner!

Jingqun reproduced indicate the source: Ding