Star do electricity supplier, why lose to grassroots

for Daddy where parenting programs and two bursts of Jimmy Lin, the recent launch of Taobao collagen oral liquid flagship store in Tmall, but questioned its efficacy against the growth of publicity Fang encounter "false propaganda". Later, Jimmy Lin positive response to all legitimate, but the oral liquid sales have been affected.

as of December 23rd, the Jimmy Lin team opened an Tmall original love Bili shop, above shows only 5 items, its flagship gift box from a shop has sold more than 500, to 1080 yuan each, about 500000 yuan of income, and only the latest rumors of Jimmy Lin and his son a fraction of endorsement fee. Nearly a month of the gift on sales of 239, nearly 30 daily return rate is 10.19%, obviously Fang’s "fake" is not a small effect on the.

Jimmy Lin before the introduction of collagen oral liquid, also has operating luggage store in Taobao, the star certification store JR flagship store has become a crown from the store shop opened in 2008, estimated to sell million items. The best selling shop is a price of 99 yuan cavalry mini pocket, sold a total of 452. While another certification area for Guangzhou’s Tmall JR bags flagship store, selling the best is a $129 outdoor pockets, sold a total of 10337.

responsible for the men’s shoes brand electricity supplier on behalf of the operation of the Xiamen CEO network but bin Jie believes that Jimmy Lin’s shop is doing a good example of the electricity supplier, because of his love of digital products, understand customer preferences, he and his brother are involved in the development of JR brand products and supply chain management, coupled with my image with the product fit, the estimated future sales is still great potential, the current brand sales in Taobao and Jingdong are good.

from the beginning of 2011, Taobao launched the Star shop channel, those who have a star to participate in the store (not the type of endorsement) called Star shop, giving special channels and advocacy support. Star shop channel has revealed that the person in charge: Star certification needs to provide star identity, authorization certificate. If it is part of the star, you need to provide proof of partnership. We only certified stars are wholly owned or shareholders of the store."

however, in Star shop channel, the owner of a few stars keep going by painstaking effort. Open the Star shop channel can see that there are already 284 stars have been settled in Taobao, their star stores have been star identity authentication. Among them are Jimmy Lin, Carina Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Yang Lan, Kevin Tsai and other variety of celebrities, which even included Lu Qi, Sister Lotus and other network celebrities. But even so, many shop sales appeal to the fans with the stars, but there is a world of difference compared.

dismal operator

, for example, in 2009, Yang Lan and Celion jointly launched the LAN jewelry brand, but so far, only six pieces of jewelry store LAN. Carina Lau’s star stores selling second-hand brand clothes bags, the proceeds used for public use, since October 2011 sold only more than and 400.