APP promotion channels and unspoken rules

now with the continuous expansion of the mobile Internet, APP has become one of the most popular, whether it is business or personal station software, will spare no effort to make a APP to occupy a space for one person, so, now the APP platform updates per day is large, so how to make your own APP from a number of mobile phone application called popular, even long-term occupation of the top three? IT pioneer forum try efforts from the following aspects.

1 app store / APP recommendation App Store:

application platform is of course needless to say, in the application platform, including hardware developers (APPStore, Ovi, Google Play Store (Android), software developer Market, Windows Mobile Marketplace), network operators (mobile MM, Tianyi space, independent stores, wal shop) (Android, OpenFeint). And some of the B2C application platform (Amazon AndroidAPP Store) to submit applications, then find some large users, require a relatively high starting platform for activities. IT pioneer Forum Search for some mainstream platform.

several major domestic application market:

hardware developers store: Lenovo app store, Chi Hui Yun (HUAWEI); network operators: mobile MM, telecommunications Tianyi space, Unicom fertile store;

independent shops: Android market, Android Market, market access, 91 mobile phone assistant, Baidu mobile phone assistant, 360 mobile phone assistant, mobile phone assistant Amy, Tencent software store, excellent billion market, handheld application exchange, Android market, An Zhi market, open the store, N market, Android sky, Anfeng, download interest Android market, millet app store, APP store, APP and so on to play video games.

2 phone preloaded software


may have to channel, and burn, we often see a friend installed a lot of useless software for mobile phone on the Internet "Curse" unscrupulous mobile phone manufacturers, and even smoking costs the software, this is the pre installed software is to blame.

preloaded phone is paid to the mobile phone manufacturers, operators and mobile advertising alliance (such as HUAWEI, telecom) to do pre installed mobile phone software, its shortcomings: high cost, difficult to obtain pre qualification. Advantages: a higher amount of downloads, higher conversion rate, the conversion rate of up to 25%

3 content marketing promotion

this channel may be more like we often do the traditional channels, including the promotion of the forum, writing articles, etc..

shortcomings: high difficulty, high demand for resources, part of the cost is also higher

advantages: can improve brand exposure, accelerate brand development

4 online advertising