Group purchase website promotion plan and practical group purchase site covers an area of publicity.

" group purchase group purchase group purchase group purchase, our team is like the sun, shining on the Internet Chinese… "When Chinese users group purchase army rings, every Chinese people heart group purchase all very proud and proud, because this is not a sign of success has been a copycat" Groupon ", also leading the like the U.S. group, handle, rice this group purchase added to the hundred regiments in the army. As the saying goes, shopping malls such as the battlefield, Chinese group purchase site competition is the same, we are following up on a group purchase site operation and promotion look, look at how to make online shopping group purchase websites are brothers and sisters sing the conquest of



first look at the site promotion and promotion

NO.1 search engine PPC rocket – a trend which cannot be halted

if every group purchase site set up, if there is no portals or well-known SNS community reputation, website promotion and publicity that certainly cannot do without the PPC search engines, but this is the need to burn, according to sources such as "group purchase website" word in Baidu click once the price is 3 dollars regardless of the price, and not to say, this keyword conversion rate is high and who can guarantee? So do the search engine promotion attention must be paid to the matching of keywords, and keyword bidding statistics and hit, such as Beijing group purchase website, can be considered "Beijing automobile group purchase" "Beijing Beijing" group purchase movie tickets "group purchase moon cake and other words, in Shanghai can set the" Shanghai building materials group purchase group purchase, Shanghai furniture "is a word: with the least money for maximum conversion rate.

NO.2 second should be taken by word of mouth and viral marketing – a machine gun sweep the world

" two movie tickets plus coke, popcorn and ice cream, $40 ". " rice " line on the first day of the first single, completed the total sales of more than 6 million, this is nearly one hundred times the number of domestic group purchase website called other record, with a day to complete the latter months of user accumulation, if there is no cat flutter and everyone’s popularity, glutinous rice nets it is impossible that "stick". Other shopping site should also learn and use special SNS communication method of community sharing in the promotion and publicity in the process, a pass ten, ten pass 100… In order to achieve the minimum number of group purchase group purchase information, users will see in their own happy, everyone, modest or QQ group to shout, reached the lowest number of group purchase we pull together to group purchase. So the promotion and publicity in the group purchase website, should make full use of everyone, happy, modest, QQ group, watercress group and other resources, as much as possible registered account to more friends, like everyone, happy and meager daily increase of 3 friends not much, QQ group in addition to the general QQ group information, you can also go to some local the major points of the community or forum to find these places, basically each area has done QQ exchange group… "