It is possible to register “weekenders” in the eVisitor system without coming to the Tourist Board in person

first_imgGiven the increased tourist traffic in the category of taxpayers of owners of holiday homes or apartments (weekenders) and the frequent inquiries of tourist boards as well as weekenders themselves, the General Office of the Croatian Tourist Board has prepared additional clarifications that will help in the coming months. all with the aim of reducing the workload of tourist offices, staff of tourist boards and weekenders themselves. The instructions were published on the eVisitor website and were also submitted to the tourist board system.It is possible to register weekenders in the eVisitor system without a personal visit to the tourist board in such a way that taxpayers can submit to the tourist board all the necessary documents by mail, email or fax. We repeat, for the registration of the taxpayer in the system, an OIB and an identification document are required, and for the registration of the associated facility, the taxpayer is obliged to enclose one of the following documents: purchase contract, excerpt from the land register, decision on inheritance, decision on determining special tax on houses for a holiday, decision on legalization of an illegally constructed building, excerpt from the cadastre, proof that a request for legalization of an illegally constructed building has been submitted, collective records of competent authorities (eg records of taxpayers, records of taxpayers on holiday homes and apartments, etc. .).In addition to the mentioned possibility of submitting data by mail, email or fax, weekenders can register in person at the tourist board or they can do it for family members, friends, etc., with a certified power of attorney signed by the owner and notarized. Please note that the certification of the power of attorney is required solely to prevent misuse of access to personal data of taxpayers, or to prevent possible theft of personal identities of taxpayers by third parties.It is also possible to create user sub-accounts within the eVisitor system, so we recommend that weekenders, instead of handing over their access data for use to other persons, open sub-accounts for such persons. In this case, the person who has an open sub-account receives his access data that are different from the access data of the taxpayer, and it can be determined at any time who has undertaken what activity in the system.Additionally, all users of the eVisitor system are enabled to log in via the e-Citizens system (ie NIAS). The advantages of applying through the e-Citizens system are that the taxpayer does not need to come to the tourist board in person or use a username, password and TAN list, but accesses the system in the same way as the e-Citizens system.The instructions are published on the eVisitor website and are also submitted to the system of tourist boards, and are available at linklast_img