Renters with a heart: Children with disabilities are offered free holidays throughout our beautiful country

first_imgA great tourist story that definitely restores faith in people. Namely, the group “Renters with a heart” was founded on Facebook, in which members give their accommodation free of charge to families of children with disabilities.The story began when Vjera Matulić from Postira on Brač founded a FB group with the aim of encouraging private accommodation renters across Croatia to offer their apartments for free to children with developmental problems for a few days, and in just a few days the group gathered over 2.000 members.The main goal of the group is to motivate the hosts in the family accommodation to set aside a few days to help children with developmental problems. “A few days in the summer we can all do it, no one will be impoverished, and we can afford a moment of peace and rest from worries for a needy family with sick children. The only rule is tolerance and a peaceful agreement, belittling anyone, will not be tolerated. Let’s show and prove that not everything is in sholds ” writes in the description of the group Renters with a heart.Each of the hosts in the family accommodation has a hole of a few days in the season, and we hereby invite you to join this commendable action to provide free accommodation to families with children with disabilities and provide them with free holidays.It costs you nothing, and you get a lot. Rather, not in money, but in love, and that is the most valuable thing. Good always comes back to good.You can join the Landlord Group with a heart herelast_img